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Managed Services

Acorn Roads specialise in the delivery of complete service package from design through to delivery completion. By providing a "one stop " solution to our clients, we provide a risk free maintenance environment in which the clients needs are met and services are delivered on time. With over 60 years experience in highway and road maintenance both in Australia and the UK, we can provide our extensive knowledge in the implementation of both construction and maintenance works. We ensure that the delivery, implementation and completion are to the highest standards and meet all Main Roads specification.

Road & Vegetation              Maintenance

The overall purpose of highway maintenance is to fix defects and preserve the pavement's structure and serviceability. Defects must be defined, understood, and recorded in order to create an appropriate maintenance plan. In order to achieve this goal, all acorn staff are fully trained in the identification and correct rectification methods to allow assets to be maintained to the highest standards and providing longevity.

Acorn use the below points as our main objectives:

  • repair of functional pavement defects.

  • extend the functional and structural service life of the pavement.

  • maintain road safety signage, lighting and road furniture.

  • keep road reserve in acceptable condition and ensuring weed and declared plants are dealt with in accordance with QLD regs .

Through routine maintenance practices, highway systems and all of their components, we can maintain assets to their original as-built condition.

Asset Management

Acorn Roads believe in the delivery of a platinum service which revolves around stringent asset management. By using a combination of management, financial, economic, engineering, and other practices applied to physical assets, our objective is simple, to provide our clients the platinum level of service in the most cost-effective manner. This includes the management of the entire lifecycle, including design, construction, commissioning, operating, maintaining, repairing, modifying, replacing and decommissioning/disposal of physical and infrastructure assets. Operation and maintenance of assets in a constrained budget environment require a prioritization scheme. Acorn will collaborate with financial asset managers in order to offer turnkey solutions to provide efficient and effective outcome.



Acorn Roads true assets are its people. We believe Asset Maintenance and Asset Management are only effective when the people carrying out the work understand how the asset is meant to perform. Our people are all from a highways and maintenance background. We work with clients to ensure that their assets are maintained. We work collaboratively and openly about the minimum amount of proactive maintenance that is required and undertaken. To ensure the assets performs at its expected asset life and beyond.



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